27 thoughts on “Michael Fitt nude

  1. hes def a major hottie but his penis is small for the line of work hes doing and he seems like he trys to hard if he chilled out a bit he would be hotter cuz his face is incredible

  2. See I don’t like his face sometimes and his head seems to big for his body and yeah he’s not really well equipped but who am i to be so critical…lol

  3. The guy is a jerk, arrogant and full of him self. I live in Miami and have heard plenty of stories about folks and photographers who know or have met Mike personally. More or less what I hear the most is that the dude is a pimp and goes around taking advantage of gay men that fall for his charms. If you got money he may be your friend, but he is straight so the benefits are limited. Last year he was selling a lousy jerk off dvd for like $250. Some desperate gay guys with the means did paid for it contributing to his ego and arrogance. I would love to see Mike take it up the ass ;-)

  4. He’s definitely pretty and has an amazing body but all the “I’m so awesome” talk in his vids is a complete turnoff. Still photos are best with this guy.

  5. He has good looking face and hot body. Not too buffy but ideal as model. But his dick actually small and short even its hard. The balls also small. I can hold his penis and balls with only using my one palm. If its happen, I will pull it until he ejaculate. If this guy just teasing gay guy just for money, I believe his life will end up with tragis tragedy (been murdered after been raped and his dead body found naked at floor).

  6. His name is Michael Jesse Santos and he was arrested in early 2013.
    It’s seems he likes 14 year old girls – a little too much.
    I guess she didn’t press charges or there was conflicting stories.
    But a few wekk late he was blogging again.
    I also think his head is proportionally, too big for his body,
    like Tom Cruise. My theory?
    He’s not 5′ 10″ as he claims but 5′ 6″.

  7. Mike, I enjoy your fantasy doctor scene. Usually, never late night calls, but you came out for this one patient…..making me feel special. You were what I needed, Thanks!!

    Speaking of fantasy, I would like to be you fantasy doctor. Photo of you in briefs, all it took.

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