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  1. These shots are from a older shoot Philip did for David Vance in a book called “Heavenly Bodies” and is nothing recent. Also you will never see Philip hard in any shots as he does not do that type of photography.Phil only agrees to artistic nude shots that are tastefully done and only very rarely at that. Sorry to disappoint you guys :)

    Philip’s big brother

  2. What excellent photos. Phil certainly has a nice thick cock! And Kurt is correct in that these photos are from an older Vance shoot, but wow are they hot !

  3. They may be from an older shoot but they are of Philip. They are magnificent photos and not because he is nude.


  4. Philip Fusco nude!!! These photos, no matter when they were taken only serve to enhance my appreciation of Philip and my respect!

  5. With regards to my comment about this shoot being an older one, I was merely letting the first few comments know these are not recent and what book they are in in-case they wanted to get the book. Plus I was only trying to give some information into Philip’s decision to not pose nude all the time. I did find it funny two people gave me a thumbs down on my first comment though LOL.


  6. I’d seen these terrific body shots of Phillip a couple of months ago. David Vance’s work is sheer artistry and Phillip is a special model. Kurt, you get two thumbs-up from me for sharing the info. Phil was right – trusting David’s ability to pull off (no pun intended) a remarkable series of artistic pictures in the buff.

  7. Hi Kurt, are all of the above pics 100 percent real? I think Phil is amazing and not stuck up. He’s also Italian like me.

  8. Jack, thank you for the comment and the thumbs-up and I agree with you David did do an amazing job with my brothers Nude shots for his book.

    Jason, I can confirm that yes, all of the above photos are 100% real however for some reason, the one photo of my brother holding up the disc is rather distorted when you enlarge it and I am not sure why the photo does that. It makes his lower body look shortened for some reason however all of them are real.

    I see you both are getting some thumbs down marks also, that is so funny to me honestly. I had Philip read this blog and he found it funny as well but then again he does have alot of fans and most all of them would love to see more of him nude so I can understand my comment being a bummer since Phil does not do much of this type of photography.

    On my behalf, thank you to all my brothers loyal fans for supporting him on all these blogs. It is much appreciated.


  9. Hey Kurt, are Phil and you full Italian? I understand you are from Long Island. I am a Yonkers native but I now live in Maryland. ( I think Phil wrote on his blog once he had a photoshoot in Maryland)

  10. Hey there Jason, yes Full Italian for sure and if memory serves, he did a photo shoot with Michael Thomas in Maryland once. He does a good bit of photo shoots so I loose track of where and who he shoots with in the past at times. Phil just did a huge shoot again with Michael Thomas that should have some photos surfacing on the web soon so look for more, it was at a beach with the sun setting behind Phil and he got some amazing shots of my brother at that location.


  11. @ Kurt Powell – It’s really really rare to see Phil fully bare!! I’ve been waiting for ages to see him in his full glory… I love the picture the profile, the body physique, the wholeness of the shot is really neat and fabulous…Why don’t Phil have a photo shoot with Playgirl either nude or semi-nude this will boost his career more!! (It would be a plus if there’s a hard-on pic!LOL)… say hi to Phil for me!! More power to hiim!!

  12. Hey there PM, Thanks for the comments about my brother but most models that actually take “hard” nude shots hurt there modeling career and this gets much more into a porno type shot that my brother will never do. Taking artistic nude shots are fine and alot if not all models do this type of photo shoot from time to time but posing in Playgirl or taking Nude erect shots head into a totally different ball game for a model. This is one area Phil will not get into and I support him 100%

    Ohh and I will be happy to say hi to him for you PM, Thanks for being a fan of my brothers. He truly is a very special young man.

    1. Hey Kurt, How are you? I love your brother Phil. He is so beautiful. Are you older or younger? Do you mind seeing your brother nude? Are you attractive like Phil? I know you said Phil would not do a hard on photo, but would he do one where his cock is kind of getting thick and heavy? That would be hot. Are you and Phil both gay? I can tell Phil is. I’m just wondering if you are. Talk to you later.

  13. @Vince: Who says it’s really his brother anyway? Oh, hang on, it’s on the internet so it must be true … :P

  14. lol@kurt. Whether it’s his brother, his friend or as I suspect, just an average stalker fan, you really need to get your own life dude! Awesome pic’s Markie. Keep up the good work!

  15. Kurt, was phil nervous about these pics at first? He has an amazing body and should be proud to show every part of it.

  16. when i see you nude & your dick soooooooooo much thick i want to see you with erection pl contact or email id pl post

  17. Oopsy they are probably fakes though. I would love to see them though. Also I would still love to see Michael Biserta Do hardcore porn straight or gay I don’t care. I just want to see that monster hard

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