[Male Models] David Gandy

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Dolce & Gabbana‘s Iconic model David Gandy has been honored with his own photography book completely dedicated to him. It features a lot of legendary shoots, including the naked one’s. This is art!

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  1. i dunno why they seem to force him upon us… i for some reason am not turned on by him at all.. i think they need to find another model… theres so much better out there.

  2. my heart truly skipped a beat when i just discovered this man. when i was in my late teens early 20s i secretly had a torrid love affair with a married man, lumberjack named Bruce, that looks just like this guy. Bruce had a hairyier chest and was cut, but ohhh, the memories flood back. I’m buying the book.

  3. The penis on those David Gandy’s photos is fake. The photographer Mariano Vivanco requested that they were not published.

  4. beautiful natural pictures and a beautiful uncut penis full naked male nudity should be more common keep on the good work

  5. He is unique, a class of his own and extremely handsome. Maybe some models are more beautiful but he gives good old glam to the product; and he can speak and act :-)

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