Guy Sterling by LegendMen

Guy Sterling LegendMen

Legendary photographer Ron Lloyd presents uberhandsome Guy Sterling exclusively at LegendMen.

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51 thoughts on “Guy Sterling by LegendMen

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for finally posting a full-frontal portfolio of this guy! He was on Sexy Men Directory a couple of years ago, but there was no way to get the shots showing his cock without subscribing. I’ve been wanting to see the full goods on him for so long. THANKS!!!

  2. I’m very pleased to see that he isn’t covered with ink! What is it with these guys that have beautiful bodies, but still feel a need to mark them all to hell with Tats? That’s like dumping Sardine oil all over a great big slice of Rich Chocolate Cake!

  3. Handsome, sweet smiling Guy Sterling most definitely is a sample of male beauty. He has a body that is so well-proportoned, muscular without bulging, ripped, bodyhair on the right spots in just the right amount, more than beautiful strong legs, a delicious ass and a beautiful big cock that is ready and willing to please and get pleased by other men. A guy to inspect and explore, gorgeous!

  4. An incredible handsome hunk! Totally oozing with charm and masculine appeal. Beautiful physique, soulful eyes, great smile! Amazing personality- truly legendary! Actor and model!

  5. He is still stunning to view this stuntman who works at Universal Studios and recently joined SAG. He lives now in Los Angeles. He was part of a tv series and can be viewed in Straight Up Men as Jack. Kudos Mr. All Natural from. Philadelphia!

  6. He has body of an Adonis, wrap those legs on my shoulders muscular hunk! He starred in Secrets a low budget mini series and was a contestant at Playgirl TV. Oh that Guy … Robert Miller!

  7. Belated Happy Birthday Bob! The hunk from Scranton now living in North Hollywood! A very good looking gymnast, stuntman who may be a good actor someday. You are still quite amazing eye candy of a man!

  8. His name is Robert…..he’s a trainer and stunt man…he comes to the gym I work out in lookin all thug and bad ass….he’s kinda…..meh in person

    • Robert is the best there is indeed! Totally amazing ! Athletic and oozing with appeal and this hunk of a man is turning 40 in May! So good!

      • Happy Birthday Robert! May 16 is the day this living Adonis and a sure charmer was born🍷May you succeed in your endeavors🎉

  9. Guy is the most handsome man in the world (UBER handsome)! I am glad he is straight. I am SO SO in love with him! I hooked up with him on Twitter! I am the luckiest woman alive! Thank you, God, for helping me to find him and for making him respond. Yes, God exists. I think of Guy all day!

  10. Dude will do anything for a buck….relatively decent acting skills….but he gets his main money as an exterminator lol…..thinks he’s badass in the gym too! Rob miller u DA man!

  11. Oh Robert! You are the Man! The epitome of the charming handsome male with a terrific physique! The best indeed💪🇺🇸💌 You are truly amazing! 💞

  12. He is indeed truly amazing. Bob has the classic handsome look and an Adonis physique. He should continue to pursue a modeling and acting job. All the best to you Robert!❤️💋

    • Happy Birthday to you Robert! May you have good health, long life and succeed in your endeavors! 💪🏻💋💕

  13. Happy Birthday to you Robert Miller! May you have good health, long life and success in your endeavors💪🏻💋🇺🇸

  14. Happy Birthday Robert! Wishing you good health and success in your endeavors! 💪🏻💋 The best indeed! 🍷🌹🌻

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