Benjamin Godfre – RagingStallion exclusive

A former fashion model turned porn star, Benjamin Godfre, has recently signed an exclusive long term contract with RagingStallion Studios & Falcon Studios .

> For more of Benjamin, visit RagingStallion Studios

10 thoughts on “Benjamin Godfre – RagingStallion exclusive

  1. He used to be hot but has gone off the deep end. Only a matter of time before his heels are on the ceiling being fucked by the man of the moment

  2. i´m so fucking tired of pornstar look, i´m outta here…

    i will not visit this blog and it´s sister blog anymore. i have already said this (comment really)


  3. I’ve admired him for several years as a fashion model, and I never dreamed I would get to see him in the “altogether”, he is absolutely GORGEOUS, and I hope like anything to see him with another guy, I can’t wait……..

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