Male Model Philip Fusco Exposed


Jockstraps, boxers, briefs or shorts; New-York-based model Philip Fusco has done it all. He has appeared in various underwear campaigns for some of the top design brands, but never showing this much as for Gregg Homme‘s see-through underwear line. Philip has also appeared at Paragon Men.

27 thoughts on “Male Model Philip Fusco Exposed

  1. Love that split cheek to sink into and than go for junior and bring you to a orgasm like you never had before

  2. yes Philip..go ahead and strip more in a hot sex scene, it’s better than telling others you are a male model, these photos show a porn star more than a male model and your face seems to be artificial..i’d not like to see more dicks on net and you must have understood that your distinctness doesn’t come from your exposing ratio..

  3. Muero por ver su miembro tieso y duro! Habrá algún video? Estuvo en Paragon Men y allí es habitual que se haga un video “hot” Sería la gloria!!!!

  4. Phil you are adorably cute and have the perfect, complete package. You’re modeling is great; you’re now ready for the big screen. You take our breath away……

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