Czech Bodybuilder ‘Peter Malik’ by William Higgins

WH WilliamHiggins Peter Malik

Oh my.. This guy is HUGE! WilliamHiggins delivers unbelievably bulked Czech bodybuilder Peter Malik. While huge doesn’t always mean hot, he’s definitely an attractive kind of guy!

> More of Peter at WilliamHiggins

5 thoughts on “Czech Bodybuilder ‘Peter Malik’ by William Higgins

  1. The problem with bodybuilders is that they often don’t know when to quit. Then they turn into THIS…An excess of muscle and worn faces. With the only people finding them attractive being those who fall for the stereotypical musclebound oaf gay media says we should aspire to be and/or admire.

    Well, not me. Some of us have to be an individual thinkers.

  2. Probably the sexiest man on earth!!!!! And small cocks make circular asses even rounder:)!!! Just look at Marco Rubi down to the right!!!

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