William Seed Has Fulfilled Our Expectations

MEN.com put a lot of effort into teasing their newest exclusive model William Seed. No wonder why, he’s not only extremely good-looking guy, he’s also proved to be a talented porn star.

Put 3 hot tops with a great power-bottom and an unforgettable scene is born.

> See William in action at MEN.com

2 thoughts on “William Seed Has Fulfilled Our Expectations

  1. Would someone please raise their fucking standards? If some rando hot new guy who hasn’t sucked dick, who hasn’t rimmed, who hasn’t bottomed — fuck, he hasn’t even kissed a guy — exceeds your expectations then your expectations were exceedingly low to begin with! I think I’m going to unfollow this blog (I know, you’ll say: good riddance!!) but your shilling for companies and low expectations are a continual disappointment.

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