Hot New Model Blaze Austin From LucasEntertainment

gay porn star Blaze Austin from lucasentertainment
Blaze Austin is not exactly a newcomer to gay porn. He made his debut last year and already worked with many other studios where he proved that he’s not only good looking guy, but also a sexual best. For his LucasEntertainment debut Blaze worked really hard on his physique and currently, he is in best shape of his life.

Hot New Model Blaze Austin From LucasEntertainment
Blaze Austin makes his LucasEntertainment debut alongside Manuel Skye and Drake Rogers in a gay bareback sex scene featured in the upcoming movie “Servicing Daddy’s Dick.”

> Watch Blaze in action at LucasEntertainment

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  1. Most of these guys would be hotter without all the moss on their faces. Just because beards are “popular” doesn’t mean EVERYONE should have one. That scraggly ass piece of s##t dosen’t make you look more masculine, manly, or any of those things. Mostly, it just proves you are a sheep, following the flock with no thoughts of your own. Baa-baa.

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